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Detailed information about your Google Adwords account

All the information you need in a single interface

Informatii detaliate

What you will get

Analiza Detaliata

Detailed information

Detailed information about your account, keywords, ads from the last 30 days

Siguranta informatiilor


All your data will be deleted after 10 days.

Nu exista costuri


We will not request any credit card or money for this audit



Talk to human. Whenever you need a help or want to talk with us, we are open 24/7.

Who is MoLoSo?

164+ Google Adwords accounts , 500+ audits, 4.400.000€ managed in 2015

What the customers say

We used a similar tool from a company in USA and we didn't received clear information and data, like on this dashboard
We've managed to find out our account problems in less than 60 seconds

Full Transparency. All free.

No hidden information, no credit card needed

How does this audit works?

Using Google Adwords API we use your information and give it all to you in a simple dashboard. There are no "hidden" calculation and all the data is from your own Google Adwords account

Do you have to work with MoLoSo Agency ?

The Audit can be used by any company / person with an Adwords account without any relation with MOLOSO

Can i use an MCC account ?

For the time being you cannot you a MCC account

What information from the account are being stored?

We don't store information about your login data ( this process is happening on Google servers). The data is deleted after 10 days since you've generated your account

How often can i make this audit?

We suggest you make an audit every 15 days. If you want to use our alert system please contact us

The most Advanced and Safe way
to analyze your Adwords Account for Free